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    This is a simple search page with some limits to its functionality. The following searches are available on this page: keyword, search by year, and search by name of the newspaper. The user can search by date and newspaper name at the same time; for that particular search to function properly you must select the newspaper name followed by the date you want the search to include and then click the go button next to the date selection. This will provide you with that year’s publications of the newspaper selected. However, the year must be a valid year for that particular newspaper; if the year is not valid the results will default to all newspapers published in our collection for that year. There is a listing of available newspapers and their publication dates on the Newspapers Included page. For more in depth searches please see the Advanced Search page for this collection on the CONTENTdm site. Please be aware that even on the CONTENTdm pages all dates used must be valid to our collection or the search not find any hits.

    Last Modified: 07/01/2013