North Carolina Centennial of Flight

Centennial Celebration at Kitty Hawk

December 12 through 17, 2003, the First Flight Centennial Foundation will hold its celebration to honor the Wright Brothers in their achievement of powered flight. The festivities will be held at the Wright Brothers National Memorial and will culminate on December 17, the centennial of the Brothers' first flight successes. The celebration will host visitors from around the world and showcase many aviation organizations and historical figures.

Exhibits, speakers, and demonstrations will highlight the remarkable achievement of flight, and celebrate one of this country's and the world's greatest accomplishments. On the final day of the celebration the first flight will be re-created at 10:35 AM and at 2:00 PM.

For more information about the celebration, such as a schedule of events and ticketing information, visit the First Flight Centennial Foundation, or the North Carolina First Flight Commission.

Earlier Flight Celebrations:
25th Anniversary Celebration December 17, 1928
50th Anniversary Celebration December 14-17, 1953