North Carolina Centennial of Flight

First Flight Anniversary Photo Gallery

Newspaper Articles

First-hand accounts of aviation news in North Carolina.

"Men will fly" from the Elizabeth City Tarheel; Vol. 2, No. 18.

"Flying Machine Sustains Itself" from the Raleigh Morning Post, Dec. 19, 1903

Cartoon from the News and Observer, Dec. 17, 1953.

"Last host to Wright brothers dies at 94" from the Elizabeth City Daily Advance

State Recognition of the Wright Brothers

Letter regarding the replacement of the state historical marker at Kill Devil Hill

Wright Brothers license plate law, enacted 1981

State Historical Marker at Kill Devil Hill, before and after changes

Fiftieth Anniversary

"50 Years of Flight Progress" Brochure by Eastern Airlines

"500 Honor the Wrights" from the New York Herald Tribune, Dec. 16, 1953

Program from the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebration