North Carolina Centennial of Flight

James S. Spainhour

James Spencer Spainhour, born in Lenoir, attended the North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts (now North Carolina State University). Spainhour's work in the 1910s on wing-warping was a major factor in the construction of his own monoplane . He built the plane in 1911, and although its stabilizing technology of wing-warping was by then superceded by the aileron , the final product was a huge success. During test flights, Spainhour reached an altitude of one thousand feet at fifty miles per hour. James S. Spainhour went on to work on the Manhattan Project in 1945. He died one year later.


The Wrights' method of turning the wings of a plane toward the wind at different angles.


An airplane with only one pair of wings.


Hinged wing sections that help control roll.